You Tell THE story.
Not YoUR selfies.

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The secret is out. Dating apps are a rigged game in favour of people using filters and photoshop to curate themselves.

We're changing the game from looking perfect to being authentic. yOU DESERVE TO BRING YOUR WHOLE PERSONALITY TO YOUR DATES, NOT JUST the curated PARTS.






YOU ARE THE    main character

Instead of swiping through hundreds of profiles you get to focus on you. We give you five profiles at a time and you can decide who's profile seems attractive with photos hidden. 
You get  to hear their voice note of their greatest fear as well as what clique they belonged to in high school. This tease leaves a lot down to your imagination...


We already have a date ready and waiting for you! You don't have to leave your house or buy a new outfit. All you need is your usual banter because that's why people love you.
 You are then free to see how fun your date is to chat to, hear their voice and answer their insane questions before you see exactly what they look like.


1 SET a date


2 Agree A date

Rate your date! Let our search algorithm know exactly what your into and send you even better matches.
Don't know what to say to a stranger? Try and get through the ice-breaker questions, without laughing or crying. Time will fly by and before you know it you'll have found someone that likes you for more than your selfies.



JOIN THE movement

The Blind Date Game is for everyone, not just influencers. What ideas do you have to help us break the rigged game?

Welcome to the majority!