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Date completely. Not partially.

We use these apps with the goal of finding someone with equal attraction to us and equal intentions as us, whether that be friendship, dates or more.


Dating apps should provide the best platform to increase your chances of reaching these two goals. Swipe-based dating apps only focus on hitting the first goal. Matching you with someone that likes your photos doesn't mean that they actually like you. 

The Blind Date Game is unique as being the first app to introduce some groundbreaking new features. 


Profiles on INCINQ are just a tease of someone's raw personality. Using minimal information you and your match have to come to the decision to meet  on a virtual date.





Success happens when both matches have the intention to set a blind-date, commitment to join the virtual date and the minimal effort of having a five minute chat. After that point you will see photos of who you’re talking to because attraction is also important! By giving you a more balanced profile we empower you to feel confident that your matches want you for you.

Dating apps have been a rigged game.



Not anymore.






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