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How it works

  • How does the Virtual Matchmaker find my matches?
    The virtual matchmaker takes into account your location as well as your gender and personality preferences. Seeing as INCINQ is all about personality and chat, we find the type of people that you are looking for and then the rest is up to you!
  • Scheduling a Date?
    Your time is valuable and unlike on other dating apps, INCINQ is not designed to keep you swiping on our app for hours and hours. Instead, we give you the freedom to take back control of your time by scheduling your dates with your matches in advance. Get on with your life and when you are free to go on a blind-date then INCINQ will be ready and waiting. No more constantly checking your phone for new messages or being left on read. The sign that you've been waiting for is when they commit to a time and date with you.
  • Going on Virtual Blind-Date?
    Whilst you are on a blind date you will be connected on a call with your match. During the call, you can ask each other some of the ice-breaker questions that we have already set up for you or you can dive into your own conversations and talk about whatever you please. You don't know them and they don't know you so discover how freely your conversations can flow without the prejudgement of looks. After 5 minutes fly by you are highly likely to be pleasantly surprised by seeing who's been making you laugh this whole time...
  • How to join the Match Bank?
    Some first dates can be awkward and you might want to run away from your date as soon as you meet them. On INCINQ you have the option after every date of whether you would like to continue speaking with someone rather than having to awkwardly unmatch or block them. If you both want to speak again then voila! They are now in your match bank where you can call, text, send pictures and voice notes forever.
  • What Is My Dater Rating?
    Dater Rating is designed to help moderate user behaviour on the app. It also acts as a signal for you to see what your match's previous dates thought about them. This is the best way to manage your expectations when going into a blind-date as the community verdict can help you save time and reveal when you're onto a good one!
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